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PC Repair Services

PC Repair Services


Gatestar Technologies will strive to repair any problem that you come across, either by our home visits or even by our remote access service, allowing you to return to normal as quickly as possible. If the problem is not fixable there and then, we will then take your computer away for a more thorough look and return it to you in a speedy fashion, as being without a PC can be very frustrating.


Does your PC need a health check? Do you find that the performance of your computer is a bit sluggish and those applications you ran when you first purchased your computer are not as fast anymore? Then you might need a Health Check. We aim to make your computer run more efficiently by cleaning up a messy hard drive, caused by old files that are left on your computer from installing and uninstalling software etc.


Let us take your computer for a day at the Spa! Don't understand. Not only does your computer get dusty on the outside, but also on the inside. Over time dust can build up inside your PC, travelling through the vents, which can affect your components within your computer.