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PC Upgrade Services

PC Upgrade Services


It is a truth universally acknowledged that as soon as you buy a PC, it is out of date. If you have had your PC for a while and the new software that you have recently bought does not seem to work, then maybe you need an upgrade.

With all the applications that we run nowadays, from your music and photos to playing that new game that everyone has been talking about, it is no wonder our computers are struggling if they are not the brand spanking new one in the store.

Let us help you figure out if you need an upgrade, we will source it for you as cheaply as possible and install it, be it an extra stick of memory or a new graphics card. Alternatively, if you have already purchased your upgrade but are unsure about installing it, we are here to help.


If you have decided that you want an individual computer that no one else has and require certain components in your PC, let us build you one from scratch. Just let us know what you require from your new PC and we will build you one to your specification. Alternatively, if you let us know what you will be using the PC for, i.e. gaming, or maybe you want a PC just surf the Internet, we will advise you what would be best for your requirements.


Are you fed up with your boring case? Do not want to put it on show or let your friends see it? Then let us transform it for you. We can replace your old case with one of the many cases out there. You can either buy the case yourself, or let us know what you would like and we will find something for you.